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Growing Global Citizenship Education in Aotearoa is designed to support teachers to inspire and grow global citizenship education in their classrooms, schools and kura. It is proudly hosted by the Centres of Asia-Pacific Excellence (CAPEs), including the North Asia Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence, Southeast Asia Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence, and Latin America Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence.

The CAPEs were established by the New Zealand Government to help improve New Zealanders’ understanding of, and engagement with, Latin America, North Asia, and Southeast Asia. The CAPEs are delivered by a consortium of four universities: The University of Auckland, Victoria University of Wellington, The  University of Waikato, and The University of Otago.

For further information visit the CAPES site.

Knowing about global citizenship through the Asia-Pacific region

Hanoi Traffic Milieu.

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Being located within the Asia-Pacific region, our  strong connections to our Pacific, North Asian, South East Asian and Latin American neighbours provide rich opportunities to develop a deep understanding of global citizenship education through authentic projects and collaborative relationships with other learners located within the Asia-Pacific region. 

By engaging with the Asia-Pacific, young people learn about how life is experienced by people, cultures, and environments in neighbouring countries. Our unique geographical and cultural environment within the Asia-Pacific gives young people the opportunity to learn more about the values and aspirations we have for our shared humanity.