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Explore these teacher-developed resources that were supported by the Latin America Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence.

The resources are the result of a collaborative project that included classroom teaching assistants, classroom teachers and language and education experts from The University of Auckland and Victoria University of Wellington.

Included in the resources are resources about Peru, Argentina, Chile and Ecuador. There are also videos, audio files, vocabulary cards  and other activity materials. 

A snapshot of some of the Latin America resources available

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It is hoped that teachers will explore ways of using these materials in their classroom programmes to support the development of language skills, cultural knowledge and understandings related to these Latin America regions.

Access the resources

Click on this link to find out more about the project and access the resources.


In what ways could these resources be used to help learners explore language and culture in the Latin America region? 

How could these resources be used to support global citizenship education in your school?

What areas of the curriculum in your school could be connected through using these resources?

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