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The second of six webinars from 2022 explored the place of global citizenship education in your local curriculum.

GCED and your local curriculum slides 2022

Click here to view the slides used in this webinar.

In this webinar, Pip Newick and Jan-Marie Kellow invited participants to explore the connections between their school's localised curriculum and the values at the heart of global citizenship. Links were made between a responsive curriculum that takes account of the diversity and uniqueness of all ākonga and the concepts of language and culture, inherent in the GCED big ideas of tuakiritanga (identity) and hononga (connections)They also discussed the ways in which a focus on teaching young people to think critically and work together in their local contexts can help them to grow as responsible global citizens - kaitiaki of our world.  

Knowing who we are, where we come from and what makes us unique as a country will enable a more confident international outlook that extends within and beyond our Pacific locality to the global opportunities offered across the world. 

Te Mātaiaho, draft curriculum framework, page 5

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