The Latin America Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence (Latin America CAPE) is committed to bringing New Zealand closer to Latin America and to raising New Zealanders’ awareness of this region.

Through a range of innovative programmes, the Latin American Centre inspires a passion for Latin America among young Kiwis, fosters business interest in Latin American markets, deepens connections between New Zealanders engaged with that region, supports trans-Pacific capability, and enables intercultural learning. The Latin American Centre delivers a range of in-country and digital learning and professional development opportunities.

They develop interactive workshops, expert seminars and accessible resources to help exporters grow their Latin American relationships - identifying areas of focus, developing and refining ideas, and discussing how those ideas can be turned into action.

They also provide in-depth research about New Zealanders’ perceptions of Latin America, as well as Latin Americans’ perceptions of us, to support better understanding and key points for business engagement and trade.

Online tools and resources for teachers have been developed, including an award winning digital tool, allowing students to virtually visit Machu Picchu Pueblo in Peru. Bespoke programmes have been designed to support teachers and students with Spanish language learning from primary to tertiary levels.

The ‘Winds of Change’ programme brings together New Zealand and Chilean postgraduate students to investigate common climate change issues and how sustainable development strategies can be created for the future.

You can find out more about the Latin American Centre on their webpage or explore some related resources below.